Your first visit:

Further along the process we will visit to take accurate measurements but to begin with take some approximate measurements of the windows you are looking to dress, to bring along with you when you visit.

Note down the dimensions of the window(s), to show the width & height.  

If you are looking to purchase curtains also jot down the finished length you think they are likely to be.

It is useful to bring along some photos of your room and windows, or you can email them to us.


When you visit we will help you focus on your requirements by discussing the result you are trying to achieve and your particular style and colour preferences. If you’re stuck for ideas when trying to decide on a colour scheme, take a look at our ‘design & colour’ section on our menu (coming soon).


We shall also discuss your existing environment and take into account any elements you are keeping that we will need to work with.


It is a good idea to collect any fabric snippets, photos or magazine articles that reflect the styles and elements that appeal to you. 

Bring this information along with you as this will help us provide you with suitable fabrics and ideas for your project.


We can then arrange for samples to be sent out to you or you can borrow the books or samples we have in store so that you can see how they look in your own environment. This is particularly important when choosing fabrics and wallpapers as the lighting conditions will be individual to your home. You should check the samples in daylight and under artificial lighting in the evening before you make any decisions.


You may need to visit us several times. It is important to take time choosing and then checking your fabrics etc., at home to avoid costly mistakes. 


We encourage our customers to take as much time as they need to make their decision.

How much should you budget for made to measure curtains or blinds?

To start, we should say that we are very happy to give you estimates when you pop into our store so that you can get an idea of the costs involved.


We are not into ‘hard selling’ our services as we want you to be 100% happy when you place your order and, of course, we want you to come back to us for future projects!


It is important to have a realistic budget for your curtain treatments.

It is a mistake to treat your window treatments as an afterthought as they have a massive impact on your room.


Most designers would agree that ideally you should start with the curtain fabric as the basis of your scheme.  

It is relatively easy to work ‘out’ from this and makes choosing the other elements far more successful.


For a simple living room refurbishment you might allocate the budget into seven areas, for instance:

curtains, tracking, furniture, wallcoverings, floorcoverings, light fittings and accessories.