There are lots of companies offering a ‘made to measure’ service, why choose us ?



There are many companies offering a ‘made to measure’ service.  However, many of them rely on YOU to provide the measurements!

It is worrying when a customer is given the responsibility for providing the information for what can be a costly purchase.

Having provided the measurements, you will have no recourse should the items be incorrect.


Just as we would not presume to know your job or business, likewise, we would not expect you to know all the variances and detail in producing made to measure products.

Some window applications can be complex and there are many details that require consideration. 

In addition, a variety of allowances are applicable depending on the track, pole, curtains or blinds chosen. 

A professional made to measure company should provide a measuring and fitting service, for everyone's piece of mind!!! 
We visit your home to take accurate details and measurements and there is no charge for this service. 
We also olffer a professional fitting service and we are more than competitive on our fabrics and making charges.

This is THE most important factor when deciding on who is going to get their hands on your lovely fabric!


Not all sewers or upholsterers are the same.  There are huge variations in the competence and skills of these craftspeople and, because we are experienced makers ourselves, we take a lot of care when introducing a new member to the team.


All the ‘big companies’ out there either ‘outsource’ their making to other companies or have their own ‘factory’ producing their items.  

These large workrooms are staffed with numerous sewers dealing with the work distributed to them as and when the work comes in, not necessarily in line with their skillsets.


 That is not the same as having a local, small, dedicated, tightly controlled team who have been chosen, not from the many sewers out there with varying abilities, but by recommendation and for the quality and individuality of their work.


Many ‘made to measure’ companies use curtain tapes to provide the various styles of curtain headings available (there are very few types of heading where a tape is the only option). These tapes do not provide the finish or quality of professionally constructed, hand-made headings which are made to your exact measurements.


Surprisingly, the making charges of these companies are comparable to small professional companies like ours but the quality of the finished product cannot be compared.


At Home Zone you will have your curtains made by our highly experienced sewing team to professional standards.

Each team member has a specialty and is responsible for producing that type of item (work is not 'farmed out' to the next available sewer).



It is of course, vitally important to have a variety of fabric choices and advice as to their application and durability and to have as much help as possible when putting a scheme together.


It is also vitally important to try the fabrics in your own environment as the lighting conditions will be individual to your home. You should always check the samples in daylight and under artificial lighting in the evening before you make any decision.


We have possibly the most comprehensive and exciting range of fabrics in the South Wales area.

You can borrow our sample books for a couple of days or we can arrange for samples to be sent to your home.

We are here to give you as much help and time as you need and to provide lots of ideas and enthusiasm.

We always endeavour to give our customers the very best service possible.




This is an important area that often gets overlooked.

You need to ensure that you receive comprehensive and expert advice on your tracking or pole requirements.

There are hundreds of products on the market but they vary enormously in their ability to provide adequate functionality.


We offer what we consider to be the best of the various products available, across all price ranges. 

We only supply products that have been tried and tested, discarding any products that do not meet our standards.

We are specialists in bay window tracking and curtain treatments.

We provide you with comprehensive and expert advice whether you have a complex installation or a straightforward setting and, of course, arrange fitting for you.




There is a great deal of difference between diy and professionally fitted soft furnishings and blinds.

It is a skill not generally appreciated but well made professionally fitted window treatments will be far superior to the the diy alternative.

This is particularly important and in fact, necessary, with the more complex window treatments available.


We offer a comprehensive professional fitting service.