You need to ensure that you receive comprehensive and expert advice on your tracking or pole requirements and we offer what we consider to be the best of the various products available, across all price ranges and only supply products that have been tried and tested, discarding any products that do not meet our standards.

We are specialists in bay window tracking and curtain treatments and we can provide you with comprehensive and expert advice whether you have a complex installation or a straightforward setting and, of course, arrange fitting for you.


Curtains are one of the most important features of any room and really can 'make or break' a scheme.


Equally important are the apparatus from which the curtains hang.

If the track or pole is wrong for the situation then it doesn't matter how good the curtains are because they will never hang correctly.


All too often this integral part of a window treatment is overlooked and woefully underestimated.


Putting a full length pair of heavy curtains on a plastic curtain track is a recipe for disaster and it is vitally important that the curtain track/pole is chosen in tandem with the curtains to achieve the best results.


Even more important to consider is the style of curtain that you want, because not every track or pole is suited to every type of curtain style!


Ok so this sounds like a nightmare! 'Don't panic Captain Mainwaring!! That is why we are here, to guide you through the minefield of different products and styles so that you end up with a window treatment that works for you.


There are solutions to almost every situation, even those glorious bay windows that can seem like such a headache to dress. But aside from that, the pole also has to look good! Why settle for functionality alone when you can have something that looks stunning!

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houles collection
houles collection


We have a huge array of pole displays in store to start you on your journey and we are here to guide you through all the different types and styles to find the perfect partner for your curtains.

Wood or metal, contemporary or traditional, we have a range to suit all styles and budgets with the comforting knowledge that we can offer you a comprehensive fitting service for your peace of mind.

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Avoid telescopic poles!

They are usually too flimsy to carry the weight of curtains and the rings can get jammed at the point where they extend. Avoid at all costs!!

The devil is in the detail!

DIY poles always have ugly screws visible on the brackets and more often than not the brackets themselves are ugly. The vast majority of our poles have beautifully designed brackets with concealed fixings meaning that unsightly screws are invisible!

Before setting your heart on a particular pole, consider the style of curtains that you may already have or are having made. We will always help you with this as it is very important to get it right! A pair of standard pencil pleat curtains can look like a bunch of bananas hanging at your window when used with a pole, whereas eyelets or pinch pleat will look glorious!

When thinking of using a curtain pole, especially metal, it is a good idea to consider other finishes that you may have in the room, e.g. light fittings, door handles, table lamps etc so that your chosen pole harmonises with existing fixtures.


There are so many things to think about when dressing a bay window. What fabric do I use? What style of curtain do I go for? What do I hang my curtains on!!


It is that last question that can really cause problems, and with bay windows it is the most important consideration of all.


How many of us have been to our local DIY store and fallen foul to the plastic track solution or the woefully inadequate 'bendy pole' syndrome?


We specialise in bay window tracks and poles and offer solutions that look fantastic but, more importantly, work.



Metropole is a highly engineered metal pole manufactured by Silent Gliss, who are world leaders in this field.


This system is suitable for virtually any bay as it can be custom bent for angled bays or curved bays and may even be  'reverse' bent outside of a bay window if needed.


Rather than the traditional 'curtain ring' arrangement, the Metropole uses inset runners to provide smooth continuous flow around the bay making the operation of the curtains effortless while maintaining the look of a curtain pole.

The glider arrangement and the meticulous care taken when bending the metal to shape means that the curtains are very easy to operate by hand. 

The Metropole, however, can also be corded which can be very useful when dealing with more delicate fabrics.


The Metropole is available in various finishes and offers a variety of fabulous finials to compliment your desired look.


Choose from the pared down minimalist end cap, or stylish contemporary wood or glass creations to the more traditional ball or spear finials to make your Metropole more individual.


The Metropole is a highly specialised made to measure product and we will always measure your window accurately before we instruct Silent Gliss to proceed with the manufacture of your pole.



It doesn't matter what anyone tells you, these type of poles are always a compromise.


Too many department stores and well known 'Home' shops will sell you one of these without explaining the pitfalls that accompany them.


These poles have 'c' rings which have to pass over the brackets and manoeuvre around the 'bendy bit' or angle joint.


We know from past experience how annoying and frustrating this is to achieve. With the best will in the world they are far from perfect. Pulling your curtains around your three sided bay can almost turn into a full on exercise regime! However, they do have their uses.


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The style of curtain on your window is just as important as your choice of track or pole. It is vital that the two are chosen together. E.g. pinch pleat curtains do not work well on a curtain track but work perfectly on a pole or Metropole.


Eyelets are not suited to a bay window, but the Wave system of curtains give you the look of eyelets and is perfect for bay windows!!  (see our section on curtain headings).


If you already have blinds at your window, why not consider 'dress curtains' instead of working curtains. This will enable you to compromise on the curtain pole but still have a fantastic look!


Is there space above your bay window to fit brackets for a pole? If not there are various pole solutions that can be top fixed into the ceiling.


Do you have a radiator under the window? If you do, you may wish to consider dress curtains and blinds.


Is there furniture in the bay window? If so, you may wish to consider a corded system to make the operation of your curtains easier.


Don't let anyone tell you that you can only have tracks or poles on a bay window.

There are numerous fantastic pelmets, valances etc that we can design for you as well!

It may be that the cost of a Metropole exceeds your budget, in which case a compromise of this type may be necessary if you do not want to go down the 'curtain track' route.


Maybe you do not pull your curtains that often or you just need to keep the costs down.


One very good idea to consider is using this type of pole for 'dress curtains' which do not pull but remain tied back looking glorious and then use blinds at the window for functionality.


While this type of pole does have its drawbacks, if used in the right circumstances it can look fantastic and there is a gorgeous range of metal finishes available as well as some stunning finial options.