This style of curtain consists of loops of fabric that are attached to the top of the curtain to form 'tabs' through which a pole is then threaded through.


It has to be said that tab top curtains are not the most practical of curtains to use and have been superseded by Eyelets.


tab top curtains
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There are numerous possibilities for bordering and making your tab top curtains individual to you.


The tabs can be made into points and look particularly effective when made using a contrast fabric. 

Buttons may also be sewn onto each point to further enhance the effect.


They can look very pretty as 'dress' curtains in a sheer voile with little ribbon ties at the top.

There are also numerous possibilities for different sorts of edgings, borders and trims that can be used to further enhance your own individual tastes and styles and we can advise and  guide you through all the stunning possibilities!

Curtain poles are an essential consideration and we are here to guide you through the different finishes and finials on offer.

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They use much less fabric than any other style of curtain.

Suitable for working or dress curtains on straight windows, dress only on bay windows.



Not the easiest of curtains to open and close.

Because of the tabs, the curtains do not pull back very far from a window.

Not suitable for bay windows.

Tab tops look better when the curtains are pulled across to almost join in the middle and the bulk of the curtain is tied back using tiebacks, but this obstructs a lot of light.

Tab top curtains always need tiebacks.