Pinch Pleat, sometimes known as 'French Pleat' is a hand made curtain heading where the pleats and finished width of each curtain is carefully planned so that they fit your pole exactly.


We use buckram (a stiffener) in the heading and calculate the position of each pleat, taking into account the width of the pole etc and any patterning of the fabric and then they are stitched in place.

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NB Many makers & suppliers use an inferior 'heading tape' to make up pinch pleat curtains !

This is NOT the correct way to make them and the finished result will not look anything like the proper hand made heading.


As you can see from the illustration, the tape version does not offer crisp neat pleats and you also have no control of where to place those pleats which is so vital with this style of curtain.          ---------------------------------------->


we did NOT make these !!!

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If you are going to go to the expense of buying beautiful fabric and having them made up then it is vital that you have them looking the very best that they can.


Professionally hand made pinch pleat headings will give you a stunning finished curtain every time.


Pinch pleat curtains look very 'dressy' and they also give you the opportunity to add some extra touches that are unique to you.


For instance, buttons can be added to each pinch, using a contrast fabric or crystal buttons or droppers for instance!


There are also numerous possibilities for different sorts of edgings, borders and trims that can be used to further enhance your own individual tastes and styles and we can advise and  guide you through all the stunning possibilities!


Pinch pleat curtains also benefit from using tiebacks and this may be achieved from a huge range in our shop or we can make them from fabric for you!


One other very important point to remember is that Pinch Pleat curtains really only look good when used with curtain poles rather than tracks.


We have an enormous range in store and we will happily guide you through the best of them to ensure that your finished window is as glorious as you imagine!



You have several choices for pinch pleat headings:

Single, Cartridge, Double and Triple pleat.

Single pleat are a modern alternative as are Cartridge pleats where the pleat is stuffed to pad out the pleat in order to form a cartridge effect, hence its name!

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Single pleat                                       Cartridge pleat

Finally, it's Double pinch versus Triple Pinch!!!!!!!!

Many makers and suppliers will try to sell you the triple pleat version.

the main reason for this is because they can sell you more fabric!!

The double version though has many advantages over its triple cousin!

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choose another curtain heading to take a peek at:


Very dressy and elegant style of curtain.

Pinch pleat curtains will always hang better than standard pencil pleat headings.

Curtains tend to sit back better either side of the window than standard pencil pleat headings.

Even distribution of pleats across each curtain giving a reasonably uniform look that suits traditional or contemporary styles.

Suitable for working or dress curtains on straight windows and bay windows when used with the correct pole systems.



They nearly always need tiebacks to make them behave themselves!



caramel silk pinch pleat curtains with feather trim
caramel silk pinch pleat curtains with feather trim


The main advantage of Double Pleat in comparison to their Triple Pleat cousin is that they do not require as much fabric!

The resulting curtains are nowhere near as bulky as their triple cousins.


More importantly, because there is no 'middle pleat' fighting for somewhere to sit comfortably, the curtains drape far better than their triple pleat cousin!


So, not only are you getting a hand made curtain that hangs beautifully, but they usually don't cost as much as the Triple Pleat version because you don't need as much fabric!!