Pencil pleat curtains, where the strings are pulled up in the back of the curtain to form finger like pleats, are the most basic style of curtain and are most commonly found on ready made curtains.  


Pencil pleats are great if used with a valance or pelmet because you do not see the unruly pleats at the top of the curtain, but, if exposed on a curtain pole or track, they tend to look very untidy. 


A very important point when considering pencil pleat curtains is that if they are to be 'on show' you really should have more 'fullness' in your curtains so that the pleats sit neatly next to each other (like little pencils!) and without too many gaps between the gatherings.


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If they are going to be fitted up behind a valance or pelmet though, you can get away with less fullness in the curtains as the gathered heading won't be on show.

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choose another curtain heading to take a peek at:


Economical if used under valances and pelmets.

Look great as simple dress curtains, especially if a 6'' deep heading tape is used.





Rather untidy if exposed on a pole or track and are being used as working curtains.

Nearly always require tiebacks to keep them in place when open.

Exposed working curtains should have more fullness in them otherwise the pleats can look very skimpy. This can seem costly for such a basic heading.

Working curtains require copious amounts of pampering in order to get the pleats and folds back nice and tidy!